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Rules and hand rankings of Poker 6+ casino game:

The poker sir plus game has little modifications compared to the traditional poker game.In the place of big blindand small blind, the poker six plus game has a button blind symbol which denotes each player playing at the table gives an ante. The player using the Button gives the ante and also gives a blind equal to the ante size. The identicalstructure of the button blind is also observed in the many other poker game series. There are only some changes to the original poker game and can be easily understood by the traditional poker game players and beginners also. Thegame begins when the player is seatedleft to the button. Every round in the game has river betting rounds, turn, flop and pre-flop.

Aces are counted as both high and low same as in the traditional poker game but in the poker 6+ game, Aces also can beplayed as the Fives when bringing a straight. The least straight is the order of A6789 &the biggest straight is the order of 10JQKA. The game becomesfurtherfascinating is the variationsof the hand rankings when youcompareit with the traditionalpoker game. The game is played with 36 cards deck, the Flushes are very hard to smashas the cards are only nine of every suit rather than 13. Therefore in the poker six plus game, the Flushes rank is highthan the Full Houses.The Full houses in the gamearesimpler to smash than to hit the Flush.Mathematically, it is moreoversimpler to smash Straights compared to theTrips or sets inthe Poker Six Plus game.