Rotate the Little Wheel

The Roulette is the famous game, and everyone knows about it. The game is available everywhere and even outside the casinos. The meaning of the French word Roulette is ‘little wheel’ and this little wheel remains as the crowd puller for a very long time. The simple way of playing, betting based on your own guessing, and the exciting expectation before the wheel stops make the casino 22win a famous game.

There are no tough rules and there are no tough strategies to master in the roulette game and it is as simple as it is. It is easy for the player to understand the game and start to play from the very first spin. You have no need to train your mind to complex betting patterns. The casino 22win is the good option if you are new to the casino and want to play for fun and not for big money. There are many free online roulette games  available to start your play and to save your money.

Join the Fun Lovers

You won’t face any risk, but you can enjoy the thrill the roulette offer by playing the online free games. When you decided to enter the world of the casino and want to play with real money, you have a lot of online casinos to try which provide classic and roulette variations.

Choose the bet which suits you

The beauty of the game is, the players have absolutely no control over the wheel and where the ball lands depend entirely on your luck. No calculations to be made and no strategies to be worked out.

In playing roulette , you can make two types of bet.

        Inside Bet

In this option, you will bet on one or more numbers inside the roulette grid. The grid consists of odd and even numbers from 0 to 36. The American roulette contains an additional 00 slot.

        Outside Bet

 In outside bets, you bet on the options outside of the numbered grid. The betting range available is wide and with the “blanket” bets the casinos offer, your chances of winning increase.

In this option, you can choose groups of numbers like the first twelve or the second twelve numbers and you can also choose all black or all red numbers.

It gives you the advantage of winning a part of your bet when you make multiple outside bets. Assume the ball lands on a black number. You will win the part of your bet, if you have placed your bet on all black numbers and all even numbers. The advantage is, in roulette, there is no limit for the number of bets you place.