Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country known for its uniqueness. There are many wonderful places to visit and plenty of things to do in Malaysia. One of the things tourists enjoy is playing casino games.

Most of the Malaysian population are Muslim. This is why Malaysia has very strict laws when it comes to gambling. People choose to play at online casinos, such as the Joinsini, instead.


The Betting Act of 1953 makes common betting houses illegal in Malaysia. Most people use online casinos based overseas. The Betting Act has no specific references to online gambling. Because there are no relevant amendments made, the online gambling market remains unregulated. The Malaysian government does not issue licenses for online casinos. It hinders access to foreign sites. Banks received instructions not to sanction transfers to overseas online casinos.

The Lotteries Act of 1952 allows lotteries. Betting on horse racing at a physical racecourse is legal because of the Racing Act of 1961. There is only one legal gambling venue in Malaysia, The Genting Highlands Resort. It is one of the best tourist spots in the country.


The Malaysian government struggles to stop people from playing online casino games. One of the most popular sports in Malaysia is football. Legal horse race betting is also popular, most especially among non-Muslim citizens. Sports Toto is a famous 4D or 4-digit lottery legal operator. It already has more than six hundred outlets across Malaysia.

Major events

The domestic Super League is one of the most followed competitions in Malaysia. The country hosts two major motorsports events. These are the Formula One Grand Prix and the Motorcycle Grand Prix World Championships. This hosting makes Malaysia best known on the international scene.

In the future

Malaysia has a dual-system of law affecting the future of online gambling. The Syariah Courts, governed by the Sharia exist in parallel to the secular courts. These allow freedom of religion which provokes discussion. There is an on-going debate between the majority of the population. This is in regards to whether the laws of Malaysia should reflect a secular or Islamic viewpoint. The question of legalization is a hot topic and the future is far from clear.